• • What is the Betfair Software Vendor Licence?
  • The Software Vendor Licence allows you to use the Exchange API to create betting applications to distribute to Betfair customers for private use. 

    If you are interested in building applications for business users, please contact us prior to development.

  • • What is a Software Vendor?
  • A Software Vendor is someone who is licensed by Betfair to provide software developed using the Betfair API to other Betfair customers.

  • • How do I become a Software Vendor?
  • In order to offer your application to existing Betfair customers, you need to distribute this under the terms of the Betfair Software Vendor Licence.  You can find further details of the Vendor Program licensing process via https://developer.betfair.com/vendor-program/the-process/  

    There is a £299 activation fee for Software Vendors which is payable once the application has been approved.  All applications are subject to our security certification requirements which are detailed via https://developer.betfair.com/vendor-program/security-certification/  

    To apply please complete the Software Vendor Application form

  • • Do Software Vendors have to pay to access the Betfair API?
  • There is no charge to start developing as a Software Vendor with a Delayed App Key.  You must adhere to our Software Vendor licensing and security requirements when building an application to distribute to Betfair customers. Once submitted for approval a certification fee of £499 applies.  This fee is non-refundable.

  • • Do the users of my applications have to pay a fee to Betfair?
  • Private users of your approved applications do not need to pay a fee to Betfair to access the API. Note that Vendor App users will not receive any technical support from the BDP Support team - all support relating to a product is provided by the respective Vendor.

    Commercial users must obtain the relevant licence from Betfair, prior to use.

  • • What are the Betfair security requirements for Vendor applications?
  • Before being able to promote and provide Betfair users with a software interface, you will have to complete our certification process. This certification process is designed to help protect our users' sensitive data and to guide you in delivering a secure solution.


    The process involves you the Vendor sending in the necessary information to gain the authorisation from Betfair. Once this is achieved, the BDP Team team will provide you with the necessary information to get the product to market.


    For further information and to access the Certification submission form, please see The Process page.

  • • How can I manage my user subscriptions as Software Vendor?
  • Once your product has been security certified by Betfair, you'll be provided with the necessary permissions to manage user subscriptions via the Vendor Services functions which are available as part of the Accounts API.

    The Vendor Services operations allows Software Vendors to carry out the following functions:

    • Grant permission for users to access your application
    • Set the permission to expire after a specific date
    • Store arbitrary information against each subscription
    • View existing and historical application subscriptions

    These functions are only available to licensed and certified Software Vendors.

  • • Do Software Vendors need to notify Betfair about new software releases?
  • Yes, any Software Vendors must notify Betfair about each software release, following the New Release process. This is to ensure that any changes meet with the Betfair security certification requirements. Once the release has been approved by Betfair, we'll update your App Directory listing to reflect the latest version number and last updated date. The fact that your product has been updated will also be highlighted within the App Directory listing pages.

  • • How can we be listed in the Betfair App directory?
  • The Betfair App Directory can be found at http://apps.betfair.com. Software Vendors may submit details for a product listing via the form here; which will be included once the product is authorised by Betfair and the activation fee of £299 paid.


    Note that inclusion of a product listing in the App Directory is entirely at the discretion of the BDP team. To ensure that the App Directory is up-to-date at all times, the BDP team will review and remove any products as appropriate.

  • • How can I receive notifications of API releases?
  • • How can I monetize my licensed software vendor application?
  • The subscription fee/purchase fee is the favoured monetization mechanism used by licensed software vendor applications.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer a revenue share style model for existing Betfair customers. 

    If you'd like to benefit from referring new customers to Betfair, you can join our Affiliate scheme via https://affiliates.betfair.com/.  PLEASE NOTE:  All Affiliate applications aren't guaranteed to be accepted and are subject to a comprehensive review.  Any decision on any Affiliate application is final.